Internet Explorer 7 running side by side with IE6. (standalone)

mutliple ExplorerIf you already have Internet Explorer 7 installed you might be interested in Multiple-IE . An installer for the standalone versions of IE6, IE5.5, IE5, IE4 & IE3!

First I would like to apologize to those who tried the previously published steps and missed up their IE6. Running IE7s.exe should fix everything for you.

Internet Explorer 7 is here! Microsoft officially released IE7 to the public after almost a year and a half of public beta testing.

The way in which we can run the release version of IE7 in standalone mode (side by side with IE6) hasn't changed much. Perhaps the only change is that without the launch program (in other words without the registry entries) IE7 auto-registers all the dlls that came with it rendering IE6 useless.

As usual there are two ways; the automatic one with the installer or the manual one.

**Skip this part if you're after the installer...**

The following steps should get IE7 up and running
  • Extract the IE7 self-extracting archive with WinRar or using the /x switch
IE7-WindowsXP-x86-enu.exe /x
  • Navigate to the update directory of the extracted archive and run xmllitesetup.exe (This will enable limited support of tabbed browsing)
  • Download IE7s.exe from the link below.
  • Run IE7s.exe with your fingers crossed.

To enable conditional CSS support <!--[if lte IE 7]> you need to edit the windows registry:
  • Click Start -> Run...
  • type "regedit" to start the registry editor.
  • Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Version Vector
  • rename the key "IE" to "xIE".
**Using the installer**
  • Download and run the installer from the link below.
  • It will automatically download the English x86 version of IE7 from Microsoft's servers.
  • Start IE7s.exe with your fingers crossed.
Obviously some features will be broken like :
  • Context menus (the one you see when you right click on an empty space).
  • The main menu bar.
  • Disabling popup blocker.
  • Feed reader.
  • Installing ActiveX components and ActiveX support.
  • Showing combo-boxes
  • Web pages that require authentication.
  • Adding search providers via websites (like this one for example)
The only way to fix this is to install IE7 using the official installer. The reason is that they require replacing certain keys used by IE6 in the windows registry.

Search Providers

Search providers can only be added directly via the registry. It is relatively easy to write your own search provider and add it. Here are examples which you can download and run
And here is a script that will remove ALL the search providers. Search providers remover.

Download Links

Here is a direct link to IE7-WindowsXP-x86-enu.exe
For versions other than x86 english go to Internet Explorer 7 download page.

Download Internet Explorer 7 standalone Installer (427KB)

Download Internet Explorer 7 standalone program only (149KB)

And for those paranoid here is the source code. (907KB) VS2005

In case you get into problems like IE6 not starting properly after running IE7 in standalone mode download and run this registry cleanup script.

If you absolutely must and there is no other solution you can reconstruct IE6 registry keys with this script. I recommend using System Resore instead of this.

Related pages:

Special thanks to Manfred Staudinger for the excellent article "Taming your Multiple IE standalones" which was the source reference for this article.

Not Working

On no. Its not working. :(
I think I 4got to cross my finger. :(


Could you explain more?

A better way

If you make a copy of your Internet Explorer directory under C:\Program Files , you'll be able to then just install the official IE7 installer without any problems and it will update your older IE version to IE7 but because you made a copy of your original Internet Explorer directory, you will still be able to run your previous version of Internet Explorer from that copied directory.


It actually doesn't work. I should have realized it before trying it. IE files are embedded into the OS file system much more than an external application would be. It appears to work but really defaults to your default browser upon requesting a URL.

Sorry about that, I didn't test it. =)


I`m a webdesigner and my system crashed when i installed this.
If you have more than 2 GB RAM and you have the /3GB switch in your boot.ini DO NOT RUN THIS FIX or your computer will crash on restart ("Lsass.exe-System error The endpoint format is invalid" error)
And i`m on a fresh, succesful install of XP with all my software :(((

works fine here

on XP SP2 running on iMac BootCamp

thx this realy makes my day, shame that microsoft them self doesnt support developpers to finetune websites for IE with such a tool.

U Made My Day!

It's working guys! At least the *installer* way.
And I found only 3 differences between the way it renders the page i'm working on at the moment, and the way FF2 renders it. :) :D

so thank u very very much!

Re: U Made My Day!

I'm really glad it did :)


why is my internet link not working can u show me wat 2 do pleace

Not able to see the login screen on a website


I am a registered user for the below website

When i am trying to open this website on IE 6.0 (Windows XP Home Edition), i am not getting the login screen. If i refresh the page i can see that option is there..but suddenly it goes away after the refresh. So, i am not able to login to this site.

The same website is getting the login screen in other laptop/desktops...This issue is only on my system. It started happening since last 4/5 days.

Can anyone help me to rectify this issue?
Thanks and Regards,
Nitin Srivastava

Can you describe the pre- and post-installation state?

Maybe I'm being dense, but I don't want to mess-up my system because I'm starting from a different state than the one you expect. Can you please describe what this installer expects to be on the machine before installation? Can you please describe what will be there after installation?

To me, it seems the preferred state would be to have a machine that already has IE7 installed via the Microsoft update. It is their most recent browser, it should be the one really installed on your system. So my system now has IE7 and FireFox 2. Will running this installer add stand-alone versions of IE6, IE5.5, IE5, IE4, and IE3 without changing the IE7 already on my machine?

Thanks for the clarification, should you choose to give it.

IE7 as "non-standalone"

I guess what I'm saying is I want IE7 in non-standalone mode. What do you call that? System or default mode? I want IE6 and all the other obsolete browsers in standalone mode.

Re: IE7 as "non-standalone"

You are right; the preferred way is to have IE7 installed with the official installer. That is exactly what i have on my main development PC. IE7 installed using the official Installer and the other obsolete browsers in standalone.

This article is for people who do not have IE7 installed and want to run it in standalone mode without having to install it.

The first sentence of this article basically tries to say that if you already have IE7 installed then ignore this article and read my other article (here). That other article has an installer for the standalone versions of Internet Explorer (6, 5.5, 5, 4, & 3) which you should try out instead of this one.

Was the language in the first sentence of this article not clear enough? If so I apologize, obviously English is not my first language.

IE7 Standalone Installer

Hi Yousif, I wish to install IE7 (non-standalone) on an offline PC. Can I do so using the downloads you provide?

Re: IE7 Standalone Installer

Yeah sure you can.

Follow the steps for manual installation (the part directly beneath where it says **Skip this part) and download the program only (not the installer). It's not that difficult to follow.

I can't include an offline version due to bandwidth restriction and possible EULA restrictions(haven't studied the EULA thoroughly).

RE: IE7 Standalone Installer

Thanks for your reply. I found that all I needed to do was to simply run iesetup.exe from the update folder and that installed an offline browser in perfect working order. Not sure if activeX works with it but then again, I only need it for offline browsing.

IE7 Standalone runonce

After IE7 Standalone installed browser attempts to contact above page to 'customize settings'. This causes browser to freeze - you can get new windows up and surf the web but it's worrying - anyone else encountered this?

Chris Najman

Re: runonce

I can't get past this either. Has anyone found a fix/workaround?

Adding a search engine via registry seems to fix it

I had the same issue where IE7 hung and refused to close unless killed via Task Manager. Annoyingly when this happened IE7 wouldn't load ANY sites as it appeared to be waiting for the settings to be done.

I managed to get around this by downloading the google.reg file linked above and installing the keys in the registry... The next time I opened IE7 it paused on the runonce but instead of freezing allowed me to use the browser.



Now work with my REG

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main]

Create a bau.reg and add this code into it. Then run this reg. When you will open IE 7 will start with about:blank


:: Develop and Fun in .Ro Style ::

Thanks oriceon for the tip !

Thanks oriceon for the tip !


Thank You!

Still freezing for me.

I've tried this, and the registry cleanup script, and my IE7 Standalone still freezes on startup, requiring me to end task in Task Manager. I find that sometimes I can still type in a URL and browse to a website, but all buttons and menus in the browser are frozen and I still have to force quit.

Any other ideas to get this to run without freezing up instantly?

Strangely, I installed this on another computer months ago and it's always worked fine, but this recent install doesn't work at all.

List/Combo Menus being blocked by popup blocker

Anyone noticed that the standalone version prevents opening a form list/combo box.

Have tried adding it to trusted sites, pop up list etc however no luck. Is there a work around for this?


Re: Combo Menus

Yes Ray it is a known issue as mentioned in the article. I still don't have a workaround to this. From investigating the issue in IE7 Release Candidate 1; i found that unfortunately i'd have to replace some important registry entries belonging to IE6 and registering some DLLs which basically means i'd have to Install IE7 and over-write IE6 which is not what this installer is meant to do.

My solution for 'prompt' trusted sites files

tools==>internet options==>security==>trusted sites==>after you added your trusted sites in, you need to ===>click 'customer level' and change the 'Launching applications and unsafe files' from 'prompt' to 'enable'



no settings

i don't see any settings under custom settings, only a white, empty box.

popup blocker

C:\Program Files\IE7\ieuinit.inf
serach for line:
; default popup blocker settings
after this line is:
HKCU,"SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\New Windows","PopupMgr",%REG_SZ_NOCLOBBER%,"yes"
write "yes" to "no", and restart ie7.
This works for me.

reply popup blocker

I tried
* Add sites to trusted zones - doesn't work
* HKCU,"SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\New Windows","PopupMgr",%REG_SZ_NOCLOBBER%,"yes" - no luck
* I delete the ieuinit.inf and it works.. I think I need change more setting inside the ieuinit.inf
any idea

I want to run multiple instances of ie7

I think I want to run muliplt instances of ie7 but maybe someone knows another way.

Click multiple IE links and get different home pages for each instance.


tab1 = somewebpage
tab2 = someotherwebpage

tab1 = different than home1 tab1 or home1 tab2
tab2 = different from all above

I appreciate any suggestions,

Re: multiple instances of IE7

You could manually create/edit shortcuts and add the start URL between quotes in the Target


Right Click IE7S shortcut -> Properties -> Shortcut

In Target add


INCLUDING the quotes at the end. I think space separated for multiple URLS.

Truely seperated render-engines?

Hello there,

as I installed IE7.0 I was very happy to come across the idea to run previous stand-alone versions of Internet Explorer parallel to IE7.0.

But all that happiness was gone, when I noticed that parts of the stand-alone use parts of the installed version.

For example transparent pngs now show up correctly in stand-alone-version of IE6.0 what they shouldnt do.

also the java.script-engine of the installed version of IE7 was used by IE6-stand-alone.

Is Multiple_IE a proper way to eliminate those effects, so it is a proper and reliable way to test web-sites in the stand-alone versions of IE ???



IE 7 Standalone different rendering than Full Install?

In trying to test one of the sites we're developing trying to use a CSS layout, i tested the page in IE 6, then FF, and then did this standalone install of IE 7.

My colleague sent a screen shot of how it renders on his IE7, and when i look at it on my IE 7, it's different.

I know you said the CSS for manual install may need some extra handling, but is it expected that the installer will give an IE7 instance that behaves differently with CSS than a regular IE7 install?

-- Krish Mandal

having similar issues. Got

having similar issues. Got a google-map import working on my ie6/7. Then when viewed in two other machines ie7 both had different positioning. wacky.

IE7 on Win2000

I have downloaded and run the standalone installer for IE7 which seems to have worked correctly. I have an icon on the desktop to launch. However, it doesn't work, click and nothing happens. It hasn't affected my previous installations of IE6, IE5.5 and IE5.0.

Will it run on Windows 2000? as I don't have XP installed. (I am a Linux user and only need Windows to run IE for checking website designs).

Mike Davies

Re: IE7 on Win2000

IE7 requires Xp Sp2 or Server 2003 Sp1. Win2000 isn't supported.

You can go to to view the system requirements.

I couldn't get it to work

I couldn't get it to work either. Sure would be nice if we could round up all the dependencies and pack them in with this installer!

IE7 standalone

I successfully downloaded and installed the standalone version of IE7 to my XPsp2 computer, which already had the full IE6 installed on it. Thanks!

Today though I got one of those Windows Update notifications for various security patches, including one for Internet Explorer (no version mentioned). I declined that one because I had no idea how it would react to my full IE6 and standalone IE7 configuration. Still, having the security patch might be good. Any advice? Would installing the patch likely mess things up?


Re: Security patch

You can go ahead and install the patch. It won't affect IE7 standalone. Just make sure the title of the patch isn't ((Install Windows Internet Explorer 7.0))


Does it work with the IE CSS hacks?

IE 7 doesn't need as many CSS browser hacks as IE6 does, but it still needs them. Does it respond to browser hacks?
[if IE]

After uninstall, delete IE7 directory?

I uninstalled the IE7 Standalone and, after restarting my system, IE6 appears to be behaving as it should. I notice in my C:/Program Files/ there is still an IE7 directory with a bunch of .dll files and an iexplore.exe, can I safely delete this directory?

In a broader sense my question is: After uninstalling the IE7 Standalone, is it safe to assume that IE6 is completely back to its prior state, or do I need to do a System Restore to rid it of any lingering snippets of IE7?


Do you need admin

Do you need admin priveledges to open IE7 Standalone? My rights were changed and it wouldn't let me open the standalone, but after having my rights changed and reinstalling the standalone it began working again.

good work, but... It DOES NOT WORK under normal user! :-(

seems so...
i have installed it as admin and it works, but if i login as user a msdos box opens and closes again...
internet explorer 7 does not semms to work as normal user... and that is not really secure nor intelligent...

can anyone change this?

we use WindowsXP SP2 and the latest version of IE7 standalone.

thank u

DOS window bug

Well, I run MSXP PRO, and I'm having the same problem as you while running under admin.
A DOS window just opens and closes, the IE7.exe lingers on my processes list for a bit, and then disappears... ?
Any help with this would be awesome.

Borked javascript:openWindow after install

Hummn... Installed the standalone and then when I tried javascript:openWindow('images/pages.php',640,575) which I have all over my sites, all I get is a click and no window opens.. Problem being.. It borked it in IE6 too!

Rebooted, opened IE6 first, bingo.. worked again!!

Not so fasst!

Open IE7 standalone again, same problem in IE7 and IE6 all over again till reboot..

Took it off (uninstall, restore registry to pre-install) and all's well now but. Would like to use it..

Is there something inherent to IE7 that borks the javascript:openWindow command? It certainly is a handy function.. I'd hate to think that folks using IE7 are not seeing my little REQESTED (by clicking link) popup pages...



if you can't program don't waste peoples time

made the terrible mistake of installing this stand alone (Yes this latest one) .
Now my internet explorer 6 hangs whenever I open a page.
Fingers crossed I'll be able to system restore it but I really regret using this site.
I thought this would make my life easier but instead its given me a headache.
Your post mentions you have had this problem before and i think if you don't understand what you are doing you shouldn't encourage people to mess up their PCs

Re: if you can't program

Hi garry,

Did you read the comments on this page? I'm sure this issue came up at least once. If you have a better solution where we can install IE7 as a standalone program error-free with no problems feel free to share that with us.

I always recommended installing IE7 with the official installer and running IE6 as standalone with the Multiple IEs installer.


No problems with standalones

Hi there Yousif and Garry,

I did exactly that. I have IE6 as a standalone that I installed from evolt and IE7 was installed normally from Microsoft. Both are running great and have run great for more than 6 months now. I also have Firefox running and sometimes have all three browsers open at the same time without any problems! Am I just blessed or what?

I even have used the VPC image of IE6 with all of my separate browsers installed and still no problems. The strange thing about my standalone IE6 is that the version number indicates 7.0, but the copyright indicates 2001. Other than that everything appears to work well. I have not tested all apps with Javascript and cookies yet, however.

Best to all,


Javascript not working on both IE7 and Multiple IEs IE6

I have the same problem and it happened quite some time after I installed IE6. I can't run system restore at this point. Any idea of another way to fix this problem?

Multiple-IE & IE6

Is there a way to install of the service packs for IE6 when running multiple versions of IE? I have an application that requires all of the service packs.

Corrupted IE7 installation under Vista

I've accidentally installed IE7 standalone under Vista instead of installing it on another Windows XP PC over Remote Desktop.
After the installation, an error message pop up due to some issues with one of the .dll files.
Then I had to uninstall IE7 standalone.
Now when I run IE7, the IE window appears for a moment and IE terminates immediately.

If anyone had such experience, please let me know how can I restore the IE7 installation on Vista.
I tried running sfc /scannow and it reported that it wasn't able to restore some files, still no luck with running IE7.

First try this... # Click

First try this...
# Click Start -> Control Panel
# Switch to Classic View
# Click Internet Options
# Go to the Advanced tab and click "Reset..."
This will reset IE7's settings...

Try starting IE7. If it still doesn't work try this...

# Click Start -> All Programs -> Accessories -> System Tools -> System Restore

An error message may pop up saying you don't have any restore point.
If that is the case then try the next way below. If no error message
showed up, the restore program will begin. Pick a date before you
installed IE7 standalone and continue with the restoration. This
should fix your issue.

Another way of fixing this is to insert the Windows Vista DVD. Reboot
your computer and boot into the Windows Vista Setup. When it starts,
it will ask you whether you want to install a clear "sometimes called
fresh" install or to "Repair an existing Windows Installation". Choose
the second option, that is to repair the existing windows
Installation. This would take around 20 minutes to complete. When it's
done reboot into windows and try starting IE7. The issue should be

If it still doesn't work then I am afraid the only option would be to
install a "clean" version of Windows Vista. Though this is highly
unlikely. I don't think you would have to do this.

Hope this helps :/

Same Problem

Same problem here, i installed it to use IE8 with IE7 in the same machine. I can't run IE8 or IE7, and my folders open all in a new window :S.

Did you find a solution?, or you have reinstalled?

Completely and utterly standalone IE

I must admit I'm pretty clueless about what's behind coding one of these installers, so I apologize if my proposal is ridiculous.

How possible would it be to setup IE7 to run through Argo on Ceedo?

I don't know. Try it and let

I don't know. Try it and let us know. I am not fimiliar with this program

Google start page [manual]

First of all, THANKYOU for allowing an advanced beginner web developer to fix ie7s inability to render an over-sized background picture in the center whenever using two nested right floating elements, and to fix ie7s crippling nature on links in an unordered list when using a left or right floating element in a separate div container.
The background was fixed by using CSS shorthand statements instead of longhand statements for the background !
The links were re-enabled by removing a negative top margin around the list element !

Go figure ?

By using the standalone installer, I was able to find and fix these anomalies without fully installing ie7, double check my coding in ie6 which is much more forgiving and compliant with CSS, and finally confirm rendering in Firefox which always renders exactly how I intended.

Using oriceon info, manually added the 2 dword strings
to the registry with both a value of 1 [hex] which = 00000001
and while I was there ...
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main
edited the

Now IE7 starts on the page and IE6 is still fully installed and functional [and more compliant than ie7 as I see]

As there seems to be hundreds of HTML tags and just as many style elements, and IE7 fails to render correctly with basic styling with a little fancy [valid] floating element code using no HTML hacks or conditional statements, I cant see why I would want to install it !
IE7 standalone will ONLY be used to bug fix HTML pages.

Firefox is still the best browser !

PS: Context menus "view source" "refresh" and "properties" do work on the page [all that I need]
Links coded with target="_blank" ie: "new window" do not open !
[suspect standalone as this is really basic but probably uses external dll's or something to assist which are not installed]
I am still completely confused as to what the "7 standalone program only" is capable of

ie7 = firefox wannabe

Re: Google start page

Glad IE7s worked as advertised. Thanks for letting us know about the default URL registry entry. I may include that in future updates.

    Firefox is still the best browser !

couldn't agree more :)

    I am still completely confused as to what the "7 standalone program only" is capable of

it's basically the executable needed to run IE7 if you prefer to do everything manually or if you want to use a version other than the en-US IE7 for x86 processors (for example the Japaneses version of IE7 or the 64 bit version). You'd have to go through the manual steps described in the post if you don't want to use the installer.


I am not an HTML programmer but I learned to add target="to_blank" to my eBay HTML listing to get the pictures to open in a new window and when closed, go back to the ebay listing. It stopped working on computers with Explore7. If the buyer closes the linked picture it throws him/her completely out of eBay. Please mail any suggestions to HIGHLAND_SALES@VERIZON.COM because I will probably never be able to find this site again. Thank you.

I believe you want

I believe you want target="_blank". If "to_blank" has worked before, it was probably a bug on part of the browser.

IE 6 Favorites goes to Print dialog

I have installed IE 6.0 with IE 7.0, using the Tredosoft "Multiple IE Installer". Both browsers seem to be working OK together and separately EXCEPT: IE 7.0 favorites function as advertised. BUT IE 6.0 Favorites list the same as IE 7.0, but all sites link to the Printer, instead of the expected URL. Any suggestions?

Try using IE 6.0 as the

Try using IE 6.0 as the default browser, that solved the problem for me. I can now open my favorites in both browsers.

Thanks Yousif/ re:Ie7 standalone!

Dear Yousif,

You must be one of great guys in trying to get IE7 running in standalone mode. I tried your IE7 & it is working with the expected limitations, as you discribed, since IE6 still occupied some registries.

Surely, you've done the best.
Thanks again/Tuan

Ps. Do you know any registry/tweak that enables IE7 to close tabbed browing when openning only one webpage?

IE6 and IE7 sharing same window target="XYZ"

It seems that IE6 and IE7 are using the same window for popups if the target has the same name and both are started at the same time.


Thanks Yousif, that's exactly what I needed and it worked at the first try. Thanks again

HTTP Authentication request causing error

This seems to work great, with one exception. Pages that require HTTP authentication do not create a prompt, instead they redirect to: res://C:\WINDOWS\system32\shdoclc.dll/dnserror.htm#

me too!

Is anyone else having this problem? I'm experiencing it too...I'm trying to goof around with securing settings from within the standalone ie7, but nothing seems to be!


I get the same problem here and all of the stuff I have to work on requires authentication to get to.
Any suggestions?

start site where

start site where authentication is needed in IE6 ... Log in and than start IE7
For me it works!

The non-installer way - WORKED


Tried someone else's solution and it stuffed up my ie6 big time. Luckly from their site was a link to your solution. I ran your cleanit4.reg fixed and it fixed my ie6 stuff up and then I followed the non-installer way and I have ie 6 & 7 running.

Thank you very much!


this does not work

don't waste your time...and stop wasting other peoples time...

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