Install multiple versions of IE on your PC

mutiple ie thumbEver wanted to test your website in various versions of Internet Explorer?

It is possible to run Internet Explorer in standalone mode without having to over-write previous versions thanks to Joe Maddalone who came up with a way of achieving that in November 2003. Basically, Internet Explorer is run by exploiting a known workaround to DLL hell - which was introduced in Windows 2000 and later versions - called DLL redirection.

Manfred Staudinger perfected the standalone versions by adding IE version numbers to the title bar of the standalone browser window. Moreover, by removing the "IE" key in the registry subkey [HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Version Vector] Internet Explore defaulted to respecting conditional comments based on the version number prebuilt in the program.

It is not difficult to follow the instructions and get any version of IE running in standalone along side other versions. Most of you probably know of evolt's archive of Internet Explorer which has them readily packaged in ZIP files. Now suppose you want to download them all. An installer that would conveniently automate the whole process would be great. Thanks to this comment for the idea.

So I made an installer which contains IE3 IE4.01 IE5 IE5.5 and IE6

setup pic1

which, in the end , will conveniently create shortcuts based on your preferences

setup pic2

Important Notes:

  • The installer was made to work with Windows XP. With a little bit of hacking it could run on Windows 2000 but this was not tested. See some of the comments below for ways to run Multiple IE on Windows 2000 (page 4).
  • The Developer tool bar from Microsoft WILL NOT work in IE6
  • Sometimes IE5, IE5.5 and IE6 crash unexpectedly. 
  • Update December 2007: A recent windows update broke the Multiple IE installation and unfortunately this means you'll have to reinstall Multiple IE to get it to work again. I haven't yet identified which update broke the installation.
Related Article:

Multiple IE is no longer maintained and there are no plans to continue maintaining it! Thanks and good luck!

Download Multiple IE installer (10.3MB)
Updated on 07/11/2006: (IE6) fixed cookies/sessions support+ AlphaImageLoader support
Updated on 30/03/2007: (IE4) The address bar is working! yay!

Multiple IE is no longer maintained and there are no plans to continue maintaining it! Thanks and good luck!

Nice work

Twas I who left that comment on the IE7 Standalone Installer page. :) Excellent work mate. I'm trying to track down that DLL right now, but not having much luck... I'll keep you posted.



No joy on the IE4 DLL so far :(


I think the DLL is included with Windows NT 4.0 Workstation. I doubt anyone still having a copy of that :)


Just checked some old NT 4.0 CDs lying around. No luck with that.
Nor was it in service packs 3, 5, and 6.

I found a reference for "IE 4.0, 4.01, or 5 on Win95B". So Win 95B may be the right time frame to look for.
The Win95 CDs I have lying around all have a IE, but no browseui.dll. I'd think that 4.70 is later than 4.01, so I'm a bit sceptical that browseui.dll existed for 4.01 at all.
Win98 is too late, it's got a browseui.dll with a version of 5.0.2614.3500 (which happens to be the same version as that of iexplore.exe).


It seems pretty unlikely that all of your Win95 CD's have such a late iteration of IE -- considering Win95 didn't actually originally come with IE 4; it either came with IE 2 or no browser at all originally, and later versions came with IE 3. IE 4 came out late '97, so the only version of Win95 that ever came with IE 4 was the 950C OSR2.5 version, which was out for only a few short months before Win98 was released. I think you're looking at the Win95 UI files -- but if you recall, Windows 95 didn't have the user interface integrated with IE like Windows 98 did, so those aren't IE version numbers at all. The reference you found is most likely for the shell updater that would allow you to install those "integrated" IEs in the Win95 OS's.

Also, IE 5 came out with Windows 98 SE, not with the original Windows 98. The versions of Windows that came bundled with IE 4 were Windows 95 OSR 2.5 (which technically wasn't released to the public; OSR = OEM Service Release, so it may be a bit hard to track down), and Windows 98 (not SE). It's also possible that a Windows NT 4.0 SP4 or SP5 CD may have IE 4, but I'm not sure. None of the other NT4 release CDs are likely to have it, I think. It would not have been in any of the service packs by themselves, either; though Microsoft will release upgraded IE versions with new pressings of OS CD's, they never bundle them with the service packs, instead choosing to make them a separate download.

Has anyone tried with a newer version of browseui.dll? It seems likely that the API calls would be backwards compatible at least to some extent.

IE4 dll

I don't know about most here,but when I got this pc(very used),it only had IE 4.01.2222.(It is a win 98SE.)I recently reformatted.That's how I found out.

Since microsoft has graciously decided to stop supporting anything below IE7.I am wondering if there is a site where I can find IE 5 or 5.5.

If someone is looking for the IE 4 version of this IE4 dll.I would be most willing to send it to you.

Thank you in advance.

So nothing fixed then

"Sometimes IE5, IE5.5 and IE6 crash unexpectedly. "

So you didn't break anything, but you didn't fix anything either :p

IE4 dll

Go to the EVOLT browser archive


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tib files????

please help! I have some old backups files I really need to get into, they have the old files ext.'s .tib and they are backups of emails from IE. I cant find any software and the new IE is now .eml and seems that it will not support .tib please help what do I do?


IE3! is the real version for IE3 32-bit. IE4.01 was really IE4.72.

mutiple versions of ie

Just to have Firefox


im living in a red house, using a red hat, so my red blood is asking me what explorer to use, i expect my red life says "mojilla jirejox". Thanks Thanks for taking us to the past when you just said"damn IE and Billy Gates, f*ck with your mocosoft". Still people using win 98, or more beyond, still people using IE4 ? oh my Godness if so, please wake me up.

Yes, people do!

i run win 3.11 with calmira (to have a win98 like desktop) plus microsoft's tcp/ip-stack. and surely, i have to run old ie version. it works fine and runs so fast on my 3.6ghz pc.

Bug in the installer

The shortcuts created in the start menu have no "start in" property, so each executable thinks it resides in the start menu folder since that's where you are starting the program from. This makes IE 3.0 save a bunch of data files to the start menu. You need to set the "start in" folder (aka "run in") folder to the installation folder of each browser, ie for IE 3.0 it would be:

Target: "C:\Program Files\MultipleIEs\IE3\iexplore.exe"
Start in: "C:\Program Files\MultipleIEs\IE3\"

also, the "MultipleIEs on the Web" shortcut in the start menu needs updating to this new location for the program.

Thanks a lot for creating MultipleIE, it has helped me create a super compatible site!


does this software really works with Windows SP3???

Old versions of IE

Most of the Installers are available as standalone packages at

Extract the files to a new folder and get the dlls there.

It is a good site for many old versions of programs.

Attention: Spyware inside!

In cannot believe this. I trusted in all descriptions and postings - and during downloading Multiple IE Installer the following Spyware was recognized: "Adspy/winfixer.G2"... Congratulations TredoSoft!

So I stopped download immediately!

What a wonderful world....

Re: Spyware

LOL Preposterous! You're already infected with the malware when you started downloading from here (you admitted that in your comment). How can an anti-virus detect something is wrong *while* you are downloading it?

You're probably trolling but just in case...

* Read about WinFixer on wikipedia. It will explain to you how someone can get infected with it.

* Download a trial version of Kaspersky. I highly recommend it. Update the definitions and do a full system scan.

How can an anti-virus detect something is wrong *while* you are


One anti-virus is called AVAST

Another is called Bit Defender

I have been working with spyware for going on 5 years and found that avast is about the best for the price (free).

Oh. And yes, i know that this message that I am repling to is Ooooooold! But I did not see any one step up on this.

Also, just downloaded the installer, I am fixing to try it out myself. And if it works, I will be sending tons of users your way, so look for a jump in downloads soon.

Reason being, is that these users do not want to use FF simply because it is becoming more and more open to exploits.

Wait. Wait.. hold on guys... dont trash me yet...
Check out US-CERT before you say anything. And BTW, sign up and watch it for awhile, maybe 4 to 6 weeks or more.

Thanks again
I don't have an account here, but again, if this works, I will be back. You can bank on that!

Stay Secure on the Web

Firefox continues to lead the way in online security, and now includes active protection from online scams to keep you safer.


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Good job



Isn't that some kind of an oxymoron?




I'm fairly confident you are fucking retarded.
Mozilla is not was your are looking for, you want FireFox:
Download FireFox.
IE6 is a piece of crap, don't bother trying to use it.
Another thing: why the hell would you post "HOW CAN I DOWNLOAD 6.O. BACK ON MY PUTER" as a comment on an article that directly explains how to install "6.0" on your "PUTER"? Do you have a brain? Please tell me that you are not 45 years old (born 1962) and still a complete dumbass.

Also, don't post comments entirely in UPPERCASE.

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gr8 tool!

very useful tool and interesting too to watch the www through the glasses of mid 90s. thanks says

Wooow that's a fantastic

Wooow that's a fantastic article. I love this site. Thanks a lot




Conditional comments

Thank you very much, thats great! It all works fine (its really interesting to see modern websites in outdated browsers!).

But, I've made a small javascript to fix png opacity in IE6 (and possibly earlier) and it works fine on computers that didnt had IE7 installed. Now that I run the script from your IE6, it seems not to work, even though the script is still triggered by conditional comments.

Any thoughts on that?

Again, that you very much, your effort is greatly appreciated!

fix png opacity in IE6

Hello -

Are you sharing your script?



Conditional comments

Thank you. I found your script and have studied it carefully.


Use mootools

The CNET library for mootools has a function to handle the PNG transparency on IE6. Try it, I recommend!

DirectX filter does not work

First: Thank you for your work. Works great.

But as mentioned already the "filter" CSS attributes (e.g. AlphaImageLoader support for PNGs) doesn't seem to work. Any idea how to fix this?

Re: filter does not work

(Un)fortunately, when you install IE7, it replaces classes that deal with PNG in the registry. So i won't be surprised if the above named filter doesn't work. I have no idea how to fix this other than removing IE7.


I too would love it if some method could be found to show DX filters such as AlphaImageLoader in standalone multiple IE 5.5 & IE6.

Many of my sites use this technique a lot to support PNG, and now testing them in IE means they appear broken in IE6.

Could some sort of registry entry batch file put back the required classes, and then restore them for IE7?



No need for a 'registry entry batch file'.
You just need the following files:

  • dxtmsft.dll (6.00.2900.2180 (xpsp_sp2_rtm.040803-2158))
  • dxtrans.dll (6.00.2900.2180 (xpsp_sp2_rtm.040803-2158))

I found these files in the folder "C:\WINDOWS\ServicePackFiles\i386"
The file version is the version I tested and seem to work.

(If you cant't find these files, download ie60.exe at
Don't run the exe, just unzip the contents and look in the IEW2K_3.CAB file. The files here are different versions but they seem to work too.)

Just place these 2 files in the ie6 directory. (note: the same files are already in the ie55 directory, but these versions will NOT work with ie6)

Now launch ie6 and open the following site:
You will see the text WebFX with a tranparent background, the alphaimageloader is working! If you see a gray background around the text, you put the files in the wrong place, or your browsing with ie5. If you see no WebFX at al the 2 files have the wrong file version.

Maybe the creator of the installer could put these 2 files in the installer?

credits to Reed Wiedower:

Re: AlphaImageLoader

Thanks Jan1234 for the very informative reply. I've updated the installer with dxtmsft.dll and dxtrans.dll ver 6.00.2900.2180 and AlphaImageLoader is working perfectly now.

THANK YOU Yousif & Jan1234

THANK YOU Yousif & Jan1234 !

I'm so glad I asked again for this to be supported!


I'm about to bang my head on a wall. I've had this working great, but I formatted my hard drive a couple of weeks ago. I just reinstalled this awesome thing, but my png AlphaImageLoader isn't working anymore for IE6. prior to the format, it was working just fine - but now it isn't.

I've tried the fix suggested by Jan1234, but it's irritating the hell out of me, because no matter where I get those two .dll files from, my computer keeps converting them to the newest version. I've downloaded the IE6 from evolt, found two other sites that have the .dlls (versions mentioned: 6.00.2900), even whipped out my Windows CD and took the DLLs from there. When I open them, they *are* 6.00...but when I put them into the folder I want them in, they *immediately* convert to 6.3.

It's driving me batty. The example site named before worked just great, but *my* png graphics have a blue background (again, prior to the format, they did not), and it's driving me nuts.

Can't get PNG transparancy to work

I just installed Multiple IEs and tried out IE 6. The site I'm testing has many PNGs with transparency set as background images for various elements. What can I do to fix this? The above mentioned files are already there, but I swapped them out with the files found in the download. It still didn't work.

I'm running Win XP. Any ideas?

IE6 + PNG with transparency

IE6 + PNG with transparency = EPIC Fail!

Use .gif instead if you want it to work in IE6

IE 6 doesn't know it's IE 6

I was having trouble having trouble with my Alpha loader as well, but it turned out the issue was this code I was using to add the class in IE 6

<!--[if lte IE 6]>

.fix-alpha {


In Multiple IEs, IE 6 doesn't know it's 6 anymore apparently, so I switched the first line to:
<!--[if IE]>
And it worked. Maybe that'll work for you.


Hoorah for the joys of Linux.

Re: <3

Excellent! Now I can run IE on my Fedora Box. Thanks for the link! I'm not sure it's legal though...

IE is released as part of MS

IE is released as part of MS Windows. If you have a legal install of MS Windows on your Fedora box, you can legally run IE, without loading MS Windows itself. Without Windows, it's pirated.

Who cares if it's pirated,

Who cares if it's pirated, though ;)

cookies and sessions

i can't seem to see any stie that uses sessions when i've got ie6 and ie7 installed this way... also cookies don't work

Press OK to continue loading the contents of this page

I have installed IE7 on my system and this installer after that, now I get an error when using IE6 that says: "Press OK to continue loading the contents of this page" and I have to click ok a few times in order to view the page completely.

Why is IE behaving like this and how do I get rid of this?



Microsoft got whacked for using Eolas' technology in Active X automatic loading, so they had to make it manual. And this is, what happened. :D

János Pásztor


thanks for nothing

Many 'Click OK' dialogs ...

I get many, like 15-20, of those popups, just loading one page of a widget portal (igoogle,, etc.) I only see a couple of flash pieces on those pages, so that I have to click 20 times to load a page is, of course, inconvenient.

There's another issue, though. The MS Web Developer Toolbar for IE doesn't work at all. I've deinstalled it, reinstalled it - no difference.

Any help appreciated.


IE7 install

Great work, but...

This is a great idea - the install was simple and clean.

A few bugs I've come across after a little testing on win XP, sp2, with 7 installed, and using 6 as a stand alone:

- IE 6 will consistently crash if you drag a URL from the toolbar
- Clicking on any bookmark (new, or previously existing), will launch the Print dialogue
- (Minor) You get the java error" 'is_browser_supoorted' is undefined on many sites, including gmail.
- Sites claim cookies are disabled (particularly gmail), even though I choose "override automatic cookie handling' and accept all cookies [from Internet Options > Privacy > Advanced]

All and all, great software. Any thoughts on how to covercome the cookie problem?

Favourites and sessions in stand alones!

Excellent work - a life saver!

But I'm also wondering if there are any solutions related to the points raised above.

- Choosing a favorite loads the print dialogue;
- Cannot maintain/establish a session (probably cookie related);

I installed IE 7, from MS's installer and ran your exe to add 6 and 5.5 (don't need older). The install went great with no issues.

I appreciate your time, and any direction you can provide.

Thanks very much!

I have just downloaded IE6,

I have just downloaded IE6, 5.5 and 5 to complement 7 so that I can test my web-sites, all appears ok except...

Is there any progress on problem with bookmarks and Print dialogue ?

I think this feature is rather essential when checking multiple pages of a site and making adjustments.

Good work !

Awesome work

Awesome work, this is really great stuff. Delighted to see things like the alpha transparency being added. This is so helpful to all of us client side web developers out there. I really can't thank you enough.

Paypal donation link, perhaps?

The one bug I've found is that, in my copy (downloaded about 15 hours ago, I think), IE 5.5 doesn't respond to the "if IE 5.5" conditional comment syntax. It responds fine to "if IE 5", "if lte IE 5" and "if lt IE6", but not "if IE 5.5", "if lte IE 5.5", or, interestingly, "if IE 5.0".

Yes, awesome

But I too have problems with the conditional comments... I tried "if lt IE 7" and didn't get it to work in any of the lesser browsers.

I'm not sure, but I think it worked fine before I installed the full version of IE7.

Re: Conditional comments

You're not using conditional comments correctly. Look at these test patterns which were taken by visiting this test page (pics taken from Manfred Staudinger article referenced above)

Red is False and blue is True.

ie5 ie55 ie6 ie7

In your case <!--if IE 5.5000><![endif]--> should trigger the condition.

conditional comments not working

Hi. Thanks for multiple IE it is an awesome tool. I have been unable to get a conditional comment to work:

[if IE 6]>

Multiple IE Individual settings?

I just downloaded this and the IE7 installer and although both seem to be working I have two questions.

Is it normal to see the version of all IE4-IE6 opened this was report the native IE6 browsers version in text, but graphically report the expected version?

Second, is there a way to have a different start page, or different Proxy setting for each version? It seems to be shared.


Re: Multiple IE Individual settings?

Glad they are working.

When you check the IE version via Help -> About It won't show you the real Internet Explorer version so yes this is normal.

You can have a different start page by modifying the shortcuts (right click -> Properties) and adding the start page after Target between quotes (example Target: "C:\iexplorer.exe" ""). No there is no easier way.

Different proxy settings? You can't have that because they share the same Internet Options in Control Panel.

Re: Multiple IE Individual settings?

Hi there,
Thanks for the great tool since i need something like this for my webdeveloping.

But.... in IE7 i did set as proxy http://blablabla/MyProxy.pac

When i open IE6 or IE55 it is blank. When i try to set the same proxy in it, then i can't use the OK button (won't accept the click?) so it won't accept the setting.

I did remove the inetcpl.cpl file from the installationdirectory with the hope it would use the same setting as IE7 uses, but still it won't work.

Is there any way to make the settings use the same proxy setting as i have defined in :

registry -as "HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings" "AutoConfigURL" "http://blablabla/MyProxy.pac"
registry -as "HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings" "AutoConfigURL" "http://blablabla/MyProxy.pac"


Re: Multiple IE Individual settings?

Same problem.... When i open IE6 or IE55 the PROXY is blank, and I cannot set it.

Any solutions out there?

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