Extra Internet Explorer 7 search providers list (IE7)

It seems Internet Explorer 7 is on the right track. Its light, fast, secure, extensible and has tabbed browsing built it.

I compiled a comprehensive list of Internet Explorer 7 (IE7) Search providers for you to enjoy ;) . These are the most popular search providers on the net. Email me if you want to add your/someone's search to this list. It doesn't matter if the website is using complex search parameters (e.g. USPTO) or hidden form fields (e.g. MySpace). Send me a link to the main page and I'll do the rest

To use the Search providers simply click on the name from the list below and it will be automatically added to your search box.

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You can easily change the default search engine or delete search engines by clicking on the down arrow next to the search box and selecting "Change Search Defaults"

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Thanks to many who sent me tips and requests.

Updated 19-10-2006 07:51 (UTC)


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a9 A9

Amazon's A9 search engine.

About About

Top consumer advice and information site

AcronymFinder AcronymFinder

Find out what any acronym, abbreviation, or initialism stands for

Amazon US Amazon

Search Amazon's online stores

Amazon UK Amazon UK

Search Amazon UK's online stores

Animesuki Animesuki

Animesuki is a torrent index for unlicensed English anime fansubs

Anonymouse AnonyMouse

Browse the internet anonymously with AnonyMouse!

Note: To use this provider enter the URL you wish to anonymize in the search box.

answers.com Answers.com

Find an answer to anything at answers.com! Answers aggregates dictionaty and encyclopedia content from more than 60 sources in all fields.

ask Ask

Better search results with keywords or questions

asta Astalavista

The search engine for security related websites

BBC News BBC News

Search for the latest news on BBC.

Blogger Blogger

Search blogs on Blogger.

de.licio.us del.icio.us

Search through most bookmarked sites.

Dictionary Dictionary.com

Lookup words in Dictionary.com - the online dictionary

Digg Digg

Search Digg.com. Digg is a technology news website that employs non-hierarchical editorial control.

dogpile Dogpile

Multiple search engines in one single and sleek interface

ebay us eBay.com

Search Online Auctions - global edition

ebay uk eBay UK

Search Online Auctions - UK edition

ebay de eBay DE

Search Online Auctions - DE edition

ebay au eBay Australia

Search Online Auctions - AU edition

encarta Encarta Encyclopedia

Search Microsoft's Encarta encyclopedia

flikcr Flickr Tag Search

Search Flickr tags. Flickr is an online photo-sharing community.

foodtv Food Network Recipes

Food Network Recipe Search Tool

freedict The Free Dictionary

English, Medical, Legal, and Computer Dictionaries, Thesaurus, Encyclopedia, a Literature Reference Library, and a Search Engine all in one!

froogle Froogle

Search online shops for products using Google

froogle Froogle - UK

Search UK online shops for products using Google

google Google Scholar

Search for scholarly literature with Google.

google Google Search

Google search engine

google Google Search - Safe Search

Google search engine with Safe Search turned on.

google Google Search UK

Google search engine - UK

google Google Search UK - Safe Search

Google search engine UK with Safe Search turned on.

google Google Groups Search

Search newsgroups with Google

google images Google Image Search

Search Images using Google

Google Video Google Video Search

Search videos using Google

Guardian Guardian Unlimited

Search Guardian Unlimited. The online version of the Guardian newspaper.


Search the Internet Movie Database.

IMDb IsoHunt

Search IsoHunt - the largest BitTorrent and P2P search engine.

Kelkoo Kelkoo

Find products with Kelkoo. Kelkoo is a shopping search engine and price comparison website.

Kelkoo Kelkoo DE

Find products with Kelkoo - DE

Congress Library Catalog The Library of Congress Online Catalog

Search the online catalog of the Library of Congress.

Note: This is a "Keyword Anywhere" search.

longman Longman Dictionary

Look up words in the Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English

Lycos Lycos

Lycos Search

market watch Market Watch

Stock quote look-up and financial information.

webster Merriam-Webster

English dictionary search.

microsoft Microsoft

Search Microsoft's website

Mininova MiniNova

mininova.org search


Search the MicroSoft Developer Network (MSDN)

MSN MSN Search

MSN Search Engine

MSN MSN Image Search

Search Images using MSN


MSN Search Engine - UK

Myspace MySpace

Search the MySpace.com online community.

New York Times New York Times

Search the Archives of the New York Times newspaper.

Office of public sector information OPSI Search

Search the full-text database of UK legislations (including public Acts of the UK Parliament, Statutory Instruments, and Draft Statutory Instruments) from the Office of Public Sector Information (OPSI).

Oxford dictionary Oxford Advanced Learner Dictionary

Lookup words in Oxford's Advanced Learner Dictionary.

pricerunner PriceRunner

Search consumer products with PriceRunner. PriceRunner is a consumer guide, price guide and shopping comparison website.

pricerunner PriceRunner UK

Search consumer products with PriceRunner - UK

pricerunner PriceRunner DE

Search consumer products with PriceRunner - DE

pubmed PubMed Search

PubMed is a service by the National Library of Medicine (NLM) which provides access to citations from biomedical literature as well as bibliographic information that includes MEDLINE, OLDMEDLINE, and more.

Scirus Scirus Search

Search for scientific information from journals and websites using the most powerful scientific search engine.

Scotsman Scotsman

Search Scotsman.com, the online version of the Scotsman newspaper.

Shopping.com Shopping.com

Search consumer products with Shopping.com. Shopping.com's mission is to help consumers anywhere use the power of information to find, compare and buy anything!

Shopping.com Shopping.com UK

Search consumer products with Shopping.com - UK formerly DealTime.co.uk

Shopping.com Shopping.com FR

Search consumer products with Shopping.com - FR

slashdot Slashdot

Search the "News for nerds. Stuff that matters".

sourceforge Source Forge

Search SourceForge - the world's largest Open Source software development web site.

techno Technorati

A real-time search engine that keeps track of what is going on in the blogosphere

techno Tokyo Tosho

A BitTorrent Library for Japanese Media

urban The Urban Dictionary

Urban Dictionary is a slang dictionary with your definitions.

USPTO USPTO Database Search

Search the full-text database of the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

USFDA US FDA Website Search

Search the website of the United States Food and Drug Administration (US-FDA).

vivisimo Vivisimo Cluster Engine

Vivísimo's clustering technology organizes search results into titled folders to build a clear, concise picture for its users.

weather The Weather Channel

Enter city, state or zip code to find your weather information.

weather WHO Publications Search

Search the publications of the World Health Organisation (WHO).

wiki Wikipedia

Search the free encyclopedia

wiki de Wikipedia DE

Search the free encyclopedia in German

wiktionary Wiktionary

Lookup words with Wiktionary - A wiki-dictionary

Live Search Windows Live Search

Use Windows Live to search the web.

y answers Wordsmyth Dictionary Search

Look up words in Wordsmyth's Dictionary. Wordsmyth integrates dictionary and thesaurus data in one result and uses a simple and clear style of definitions.

y answers Yahoo! Answers

Search real answers to real questions from real people.

yn Yahoo! News

Search the news with Yahoo!

yahoo Yahoo! Search

Yahoo! Web Search

yahooUK Yahoo! Search UK

Yahoo! Web Search - UK

yahoo HK Yahoo! Search HK

Yahoo! Web Search - Hong Kong

yahoo shopping Yahoo! Shopping

Search Yahoo! Shopping for bargins and consumer products

yhstock Yahoo! Stocks

Search Yahoo! Stocks for financial information and quotes

yhstock YouTube

Search YouTube - The largest community for sharing and watching videos.

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