Month of April, 2006

Extra Internet Explorer 7 search providers list (IE7)

It seems Internet Explorer 7 is on the right track. Its light, fast, secure, extensible and has tabbed browsing built it.

I compiled a comprehensive list of Internet Explorer 7 (IE7) Search providers for you to enjoy ;) . These are the most popular search providers on the net. Email me if you want to add your/someone's search to this list. It doesn't matter if the website is using complex search parameters (e.g. USPTO) or hidden form fields (e.g. MySpace). Send me a link to the main page and I'll do the rest

To use the Search providers simply click on the name from the list below and it will be automatically added to your search box.

VMware on Fedora Core 5

Fedora on Fedora

We want to install VMWare's free VMWare Player 1.0.1 build 19317 on Fedora Core 5. As far as I can tell this guide works with other VMWare products as well (eg. VMware Workstation/ ESX / GSX / Server etc.)

Fedora Core 5 comes with the 2.6.x Kernel which is not yet supported by VMWare. By default we shouldn't expect a new kernel to be supported out of the box.

my `uname -r` is 2.6.16-1.2080_FC5


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