Month of September, 2007

Using jigdo to download Ubuntu under Windows

I was recently introduced to jigdo (IMHO the most powerful linux distribution download tool EVAR!). Unlike the traditional method of downloading a huge ISO file in one go, jigdo downloads parts of the CD image and then reassembles them locally in an ISO file. What makes jigdo special, however, is that you can use it to "update" a CD image. In other words, you will only have to download the updated files within the CD to compile an updated CD image, saving you time and precious bandwidth in the process.

A Prospective On Online Learning

Whatever your circumstances, professional development through an online course/degree offers great advantages compared to traditional means of education. E-Learning takes advantage of the rich multimedia capabilities of the internet to deliver a much more accessible and perhaps even more appealing learning experience compared to traditional lecturer/student communication of knowledge. Moreover, learning in a media rich environment is especially beneficial to students who find it troublesome to keep their focus during lengthily two hour lectures.

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