Moving Web Host, donations, and news update. is moving to web hosting today. During this transitional period some comments may disappear. It shouldn't take more than several hours for the DNS change to propegate across the world. I hope that my experience with will be as good as it was with my previous host

I am currently burning 6+ GB of bandwidth per day and Godaddy offers the best bandwidth/price ratio. I would like to thank those of you who generously donated to We are using your donation money for webhosting and keeping this website running.

Tredosoft is also working on an open-source cross-platform internet security related project. An update will come when it's time!

Good day...

Website under a comment spam attack

I've been comment-bombed by a spam-bot. Although this is not the first time, my spam-filter have failed me this time.

Therefore, starting from today we will no longer allow anonymous comments. I know how painful it is to create an account but until I can figure out a better solution to the spam problem I can't allow this to continue.

Update: I've added custom-designed captchas and rel="nofollow" to comments. Let's see if they can break that one.

Update2: I'm currently using Drupal's Spam module. This is the best solution for spam so far. As a result, anonymous posting is back.

RegEx Eval 1.0 released

I had to deal with allot of regular expressions while programming SEOCpanel. As a result I wrote a quicky app that evaluates regular expressions.

This way I can test regular expressions before using them in my code.

RegEx is a small and very simple utility that tests regular expressions before using them. It will tell you if there is a match or not and the value of captures if any. It also includes a comprehensive cheat sheet. Very useful if you deal with regular expressions on a daily basis.

Download RegEx Eval here

SEOCpanel rough look

Here is a very rough look at some of the stuff utilized by SEOCpanel.

Most of the stuff I'v done recently was in making Lynx more GUI friendly

Click to enlarge

SEOCpanel teaser

Hello World!

This is Tredosoft's first post :)

"Tredo" is a very small number. Although not part of the SI standard it follows the same pattern as SI prefixes. A tredo is 10-30 (ten to the power of minus thirty). Why tredo? Because this will probably be one of those small software sites that no one would know about on the net.

More site designing and posting to come soon :)



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