Website under a comment spam attack

I've been comment-bombed by a spam-bot. Although this is not the first time, my spam-filter have failed me this time.

Therefore, starting from today we will no longer allow anonymous comments. I know how painful it is to create an account but until I can figure out a better solution to the spam problem I can't allow this to continue.

Update: I've added custom-designed captchas and rel="nofollow" to comments. Let's see if they can break that one.

Update2: I'm currently using Drupal's Spam module. This is the best solution for spam so far. As a result, anonymous posting is back. Be warned more than 1 URL link and you are automatically marked as spam. 2 attempts and you are banned.

Can you share your configuration on captcha

I'm having problem in configuring captcha module. It is not working as expected.
It do not display image, it accept all data in captacha field. It is not validating captacha.
I'm using TextImage.

Can you share here how you installed it successfully?


Never mind..

Never mind..
I found my way out.
There was access issue in it.
Anonymous user was not assigned access rights to textimage module.

Assigned the access rights and issues is resolved. :)


Looking at the recent comments box down the left, you're still getting them. Good luck sorting it out.

"nofollow" isn't likely to put them off - I don't think Yahoo! has implemented support for it yet, so you're only affecting the Google ranking of the spammer. They will carry on using this tactic until Yahoo! (& MSN) support nofollow.

This is starting to become

This is starting to become really annoying. Anyone have a robust solution for Drupal?

bye bye spam ! Used Drupal's

bye bye spam ! Used Drupal's spam module and the result is above acceptable!



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