Moving Web Host, donations, and news update. is moving to web hosting today. During this transitional period some comments may disappear. It shouldn't take more than several hours for the DNS change to propegate across the world. I hope that my experience with will be as good as it was with my previous host

I am currently burning 6+ GB of bandwidth per day and Godaddy offers the best bandwidth/price ratio. I would like to thank those of you who generously donated to We are using your donation money for webhosting and keeping this website running.

Tredosoft is also working on an open-source cross-platform internet security related project. An update will come when it's time!

Good day...

Hope it's going well

I'm with GoDaddy myself, although I'm certainly not burning 6GB a day! Have found them to be reliable and, of course, good value for money. Your site's loading plenty fast for me here in the UK ;)





A Really Good & Very Cheap WebHost

A Really Good & Very Cheap WebHost is, check them out, they host my movie blog. Also try &

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