Running RT2870 based wireless cards on Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic Koala

Ok so you just installed Ubuntu 9.10 (Karmic Koala). The OS booted fine and you plugged in your RT2870 based USB wireless card (e.g. Alpha 802.11 n, Belkin etc.). Unfortunately, everytime you attempt to connect to a wireless network the Network-Manager app takes forever to connect but never succeeds. What to do?

There has been a bug report in the Release Candidate which interestingly didn't get fixed in the release version of Karmic Koala (Available here)

wxWidgets in Dev C++ - Lesson 2 of n - Hello World using the reference manual

Note: I am writing these tutorials with the assumption that the reader is familiar with C++. If you are not then you might want to brush up on your C++ skills before continuing any further.

Rather than the typical GUI hello worlds, we are going to add a little twist to demonstrate the use of the very important manual throughout the development process.

First off, start a new project File -> New -> Project…. Select the “GUI Toolkits” tab and click “wxWindows”. Name the project and click “Ok”.

wxWidgets in Dev C++ - Lesson 1 of n - Installation

The first program you make when you start learning a programming language is almost certainly a console/terminal based program. Almost all programming language books and tutorials start by introducing the topic of programming through easy and clear examples that try not to touch the topic of GUI development. Particularly with Windows, GUI development for native programming languages is not an easy task. Perhaps the exposure to IDEs such as Netbeans and Visual Studio made the programming learner hesitant to even contemplate drawing a GUI interface by hand with a text-editor.

Encrypting your swap, tmp, and per user's home directory on Fedora 9

Brace yourself, this isn't going to be an easy task but I will dumb it down as much as possible :). As a general rule, ALWAYS BACKUP IMPORTANT FILES before attempting any of the steps below. A mistake could potentially ruin your data.

This guide uses LUKS which is included by default with Fedora 9

httpmirror - Mirror Linux distributions using http

here is the deal...

You are at work. Your network admin uses restrictive firewall rules. You can't use rsync or ftp to create a local mirror of your favorite Linux distribution. Your only door to Linux mirrors is through http. What to do?

I took this as an opportunity to brush up on my rusty python scripting skills and cobbled together httpmirror.

httpmirror is a roughly made script that lets you mirror linux distributions. There are two main functionalities provided by httpmirror:

Internet Explorer 6 in Windows Vista (IE6) - part 1

This is the first part of hopefully a multipart post that details the current progress in making Internet Explorer 6 run natively under Windows Vista.

A fundamental rule in web-development is insuring that the website/web-application you are developing renders correctly across various web browsers to cater for the largest possible range of prospective visitors. It is indeed rather frustrating and somewhat embarrassing when you present your website in its final form to your boss/customer/mom only to realize that the layout is all missed up due to browser rendering incompatibilities.

Using jigdo to download Ubuntu under Windows

I was recently introduced to jigdo (IMHO the most powerful linux distribution download tool EVAR!). Unlike the traditional method of downloading a huge ISO file in one go, jigdo downloads parts of the CD image and then reassembles them locally in an ISO file. What makes jigdo special, however, is that you can use it to "update" a CD image. In other words, you will only have to download the updated files within the CD to compile an updated CD image, saving you time and precious bandwidth in the process.

A Prospective On Online Learning

Whatever your circumstances, professional development through an online course/degree offers great advantages compared to traditional means of education. E-Learning takes advantage of the rich multimedia capabilities of the internet to deliver a much more accessible and perhaps even more appealing learning experience compared to traditional lecturer/student communication of knowledge. Moreover, learning in a media rich environment is especially beneficial to students who find it troublesome to keep their focus during lengthily two hour lectures.

Stealing Corporate Login Passwords

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